Unable to turn on the I-Life laptop

By April 1, 2018

If you cannot turn on the I LIFE laptop, you can refer to the solution below based on the situation you encounter.

Power light is the judging point which indicates why you cannot turn on laptop.

Power light is ON, please refer to solution #1

Power light is OFF, please refer to solution #2

          Solution #1

“Power light is ON” means power cord and adapter is normally working but device fails to boot due to disfunction of other major components.

Keep the I Life Laptop for charging for 30Mins.

Please remove all portable external devices, such as USB, memory card, internet cable, HDMI, etc.

          Solution #2

“Power light is OFF” means no power supplied by adapter or major components might be abnormally working and fails to boot

Please check whether connector of adapter is loose or not.

Please check the same at different charging point /s .

Please visit to nearest I LIFE Service Centre for more support required .

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